Facility Rental

Hosting your Events at our facility

Hall rental service is now available.
Hall Seating Capacity - 75 GUESTS - (**Covid Distancing Rules Still Apply)
Security Deposit/Cost of Rental $ 250
Hall Must Be Empty By 10:00PM
For Nikah Services in the Masjid or Facility Rental, please contact the Marriage Coordinator
phone: (289) 893-0749 or
email: [email protected]

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Masjid Al Wadood

Event Planning Information Package

As salamu alaikum,

Please review the entire package which concerns the banquet hall area only and then answer the following questions.  We ask that you respond asap so that we can assist with any questions or concerns that arise before the special occasion. Jazak.

Name of Event _______________________________________________
Event Contact Person (female preferred)
Name:                         __________________________________________
Phone Number:       ___________________________________________
Date:                           __________________________________________
Time *                         Start__________________End_________________
Number of People **___________________________________________
Will you be using the speaker system?___________________________
*   Please note that the facilities are closed at 11 pm.

COVID procedures

- Physical Distancing required. 
- All attendees must wear masks until they are seated (physically distanced).
- Only Families Sitting At One Table
- Guests must be asked the screening questions.


-         The hall/bathrooms for men/women
-         Tables
-         Chairs
-         Garbage bins
-         Decorated stage
-         Speaker system
-         Kitchen/Serving area (Not What is in The Drawers and Cupboards)


-        Table cloths
-        Cutlery
-        Serving utensils
-        Plates
-        Cups
-        Food/drink

Please fill out the

Masjid Event Coordinator

[email protected]