Marriage Services

Marriage Services

Nikah In Masjid Alwadood

Masjid Alwadood has a Licensed Marriage Officer who is certified to perform marriages in Ontario.

All marriages are performed in Orono at Masjid Alwadood.

The Marriage Officer only performs marriages after the applicant has purchased a MARRIAGE LICENSE at City Hall.

The Marriage Officer will not perform a Nikah at homes or halls.

The Marriage Officer will only perform a Nikah in the Masjid.

How to Have your marriage performed?

Complete the application for a Marriage License and submit it to your Local Municipal Office. It usually costs about $150, which they will collect from you.

Contact the Masjid Marriage Administrator ([email protected]) to schedule the date and time of your marriage.

The Cost for a Marriage Officer to Perform the Nikah (Marriage) is $200.00.

**Please note that the Marriage Officer may decline performing the marriage if Religious as well as Provincial Guidelines are not adhered to.